Startup and Troubleshooting


ANNA has an enviable record in power plant startups, from simple exciter installations to complete 300 MW gas turbine installations. Our expertise includes nuclear, coal, hydro, gas turbine and other types of plants. ANNA has closed the generator breaker for the first time on over 100 units and provided a range of services to other power generating units.

To prepare for startup, ANNA performs or supervises all component, system and integrated performance tests to verify a plant's integrity and reliability and to confirm that it has met all contractual performance requirements.


In the field, we troubleshoot and solve problems at power plants around the world. We're equipped to solve -- not just temporarily overcome -- the entire array of technical and operational problems that can afflict a plant. Our experience covers such areas as software, environmental, systems integration, controls, utility interconnection issues, and any power generation system.

Modifications & Additions

Power plant technology evolves. ANNA has helped introduce an extensive variety of improvements, from exciter replacements to control system installations to additional generation. We've helped plants become more efficient, less polluting and more reliable.

We're the single-source provider of these types of improvements. Design, procurement, construction management and startup services are part of what we routinely provide for modifications and additions, just as we do for new facilities.