Design and Construction

Concept Analysis & Design

A developer looking at a particular site for a power plant needs help to understand factors critical to the plant's success. The area's electricity market; the location, capacity and availability of transmission line capacity; the type, location and quantity of fuel and the location, quantity and quality of water are all issues that need to be addressed.

ANNA analyzes these issues and comes up with options and answers, whether the project is a 5 MW cogeneration system, a 45 MW simple-cycle peak shaving turbine or a 475 MW 2x1 combined cycle power plant.

Then we provide an initial concept design that forms the basis for a detailed roadmap as the project advances. Electrical, mechanical, civil and structural engineering needs are fully evaluated at this stage.

Engineer and Construction

From concept through completion, we manage entire projects. We help you make the right initial decisions to ensure that your project will be successful.

ANNA can design your plant, set specifications, review bids and select vendors. We supervise construction, prepare for start-up and see the project through commissioning and performance testing.

EPC demands both engineering skills and business and financial acumen. Relationships we've built since the 1970s, added to our in-house resources, enable ANNA to bring the right combination of talent to any job. Drawing the right resources together and causing them to work harmoniously is called integration engineering. It's something we do every day.

Integration engineering also implies that every design, revision and component is properly linked, forming a logical trail that leads to a successful startup.

Detailed Design

As budgets are set and management decisions made, engineering designs are refined. ANNA monitors developments that require changes in initial designs. We amend our designs as needed, and flow each change through the entire project to make sure no conflicts exist.

Recent power shortages and the threat of terrorism pose new challenges to reliability, and this means new challenges for design. The possibility of losing power is concerning many businesses that realize power interruption is at best inconvenient and costly and at worst, life-threatening.

To address this new reality, ANNA is prepared to help businesses and power providers determine what steps can be taken to assure that power is always available. Sometimes energy independence can best be achieved by developing on-site prime power generating capability. We can assist in determining whether this alternative is feasible, just as we can help existing plants operate more reliably.

Construction Management

ANNA is experienced in planning and supervising power plant construction and modification. We make sure manpower is allocated correctly and that work proceeds in the most cost-effective manner possible. Working backward from the deadline for start-up, we determine what tasks need to be completed, and when, and we stay on-site to verify that the project stays on schedule.