Forensic and expert witness services

When electrical or mechanical equipment fails, ANNA finds out why. We conduct root cause analysis investigations for owners, insurance companies, banks and other stakeholders and we advise on how to prevent future failure. As needed, we testify as expert witnesses.

David Alley is an electrical power plant consulting engineer and project manager experienced in

David Alley is an electrical power plant project manager and consulting engineer with more than 3 decades of international experience in power plant switchgear and control systems. He has extensive experience in technical and financial aspects of hydroelectric, reciprocating engine, combustion turbine, cogeneration and nuclear power plant analysis, project management, design, installation, startup and troubleshooting.

  • Switchgear, protection and control systems design, installation, startup, commissioning, performance testing and troubleshooting for
  • cogeneration, hydroelectric, geothermal, combustion turbine, steam 
turbine, diesel, gasoline and gas fired reciprocating engines and nuclear 
power plants and related equipment and systems for
  • power plant owners, facility owners, utilities, U. S. Navy, U. S. Air Force, US Coast Guard, MSC, environmental engineers, power system component manufacturers and switchgear & control systems manufacturers
  • Forensic expert witness and consultancy related to electrical engineering in electric power systems.

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Ole Haaland has thirty four years experience in power production, design, construction, and commissioning

Ole Haaland has thirty four years experience in power production, design, construction, and commissioning, with 27 years managing people and projects. He is a registered professional engineer in Maryland and held a Senior Reactor Operator’s license at Indian Point #3 Nuclear Power Plant. Experience is in conventional, nuclear, and alternate fuel power plant mechanical and electrical systems management, design, construction, plant outage management, start-up, performance testing, and operation. He has performed as Project Manager, Construction Manager, and Commissioning Manager for several Greenfield power projects. He has successfully engineered, estimated, planned, executed work, and provided troubleshooting services for power plants of varied prime movers. He has been instrumental in meeting contractual and schedule requirements.

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