About ANNA Inc

ANNA Inc.'s Mission Statement

Our mission is to empower our clients in any way possible. We accomplish that through our open process and organized training programs. We feel that if knowledge and expertise are spread about to the greatest extent possible, we will all be better off--the client is empowered and we are promoted to work on a higher level. Join our team of esteemed clients to find out more.

ANNA Inc.'s Services

Unlike other firms that design waste-water treatment facilities one week and power plants the next, ANNA does nothing but power generation.gas, coal-fired, hydroelectric and nuclear.

ANNA employs only cross-pollinated engineers: those who design facilities and systems using the latest software tools and are also comfortable and competent in the field, solving real problems. Our design and field engineers are one and the same.

ANNA is a growing company founded in 1988. We have global relationships that augment our ability to solve any power generation problem, no matter how specialized or vexing. Call us and discover what we can do to help bring solutions to your power generation applications.

Who Are ANNA Inc. Clients?

At ANNA Inc., both customer and employee satisfaction is important to us. We work quickly and efficiently...we do what we say we're going to do, when we say we're going to do it.

For employees, our goal is to provide an exciting environment where each individual can thrive and grow and be challenged every day. By combining traditional design work with field work, we expose our staff to endless opportunities to use their skills in a variety of cultures and situations around the world.

David Alley on "The adventure of our work."

"I started ANNA because I wanted to have adventure around the world and traditional engineering jobs did not offer that level of excitement. It is a real thrill to meet people of other cultures and experience their style of living. Doing all fieldwork or all office and design work could be boring so ANNA was created to allow us all to do both; besides, you learn more when you do both . . . we call that cross-pollination."

Why work for ANNA, Incorporated?

"ANNA is a place to grow professionally, financially and personally. Professional development occurs due to our up-or-out policy, which requires continued education and advancement in your field. Financial growth is through salary, benefits, bonuses and stock options. Personal development occurs through the opportunity to travel and see other cultures."