OCTOBER 10, 2014


October 10, 2014

EGSA Announces 2015 Board Election Results

The Electrical Generating Systems Association has annouced that Ole Haaland, Executive Vice President of ANNA Inc, has been elected to the EGSA Board of Directors for 2015-2017. He will assume his office on January 1, 2015.

EGSA Press Release

About ANNA, Inc. (ANNA)

ANNA, Inc is an international consulting engineering company focused on the power generation industry. S. David Alley founded ANNA in 1988. Ole E. Haaland, PE is a principal and Vice President of ANNA.

About the Electrical Generating Systems Association

The Electrical Generating Systems Association (EGSA) is the world’s largest organization exclusively dedicated to On-Site Power Generation. The Association is comprised of over 750 companies—Manufacturers, Distributor/Dealers, Contractors/Integrators, Manufacturer’s Representatives, Consulting & Specifying Engineers, Service firms, End-Users and others—throughout the U.S. and around the world that make, sell, distribute and use On-Site Power generation technology and equipment, including generators, engines, switchgear, controls, voltage regulators, governors and much more.

The Association aggressively promotes contact with others in the industry and affords each Member an opportunity to make an impact on the industry through annual meetings and trade shows. EGSA also encourages the exchange of ideas and information for the mutual benefit of its Members, the industry and end-users of On-Site Power Generation Systems and serves as a source of information, education and training while actively promoting professionalism, communication and international cooperation. Lastly, EGSA is a leading authority in the development and monitoring of performance standards for the On-Site Power Industry.